Aluminium is a metal which allows endless opportunities for design and creativity but which, at the same time, responds fully to modern demands in terms of environment and sustainability.

The 10 key advantages of aluminium:

  1. Elegant, modern, natural aspect
  2. Numerous possibilities of textures, colours and surface finishes
  3. Very durable over the long term
  4. Requires minimal maintenance
  5. Light weight
  6. High strength-to-weight ratio
  7. Does not burn and is not noxious in case of fire
  8. Can be totally and repeatedly recycled through simple re-melting
  9. Available in many different forms to suit a diverse range of applications
  10. Aluminium creates an impermeable barrier to air, water and wind

Anodising further enhances the exceptional qualities of aluminium - see Benefits.

Anodised Aluminium Panels

Anolok™ bronze on Natwest Tower

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